I checked out of the hostel after staying only 1 night (despite having booked 3 nights). It was extremely disappointed with my experience. The area didn't feel very safe, The room was filthy (it didn't look like it had been cleaned or rubbish removed), the rug prickly and my room mates noisy. I was woken up about 8 times by 2 boys between 11pm-2pm. One of them walked in at 11pm, switched on the lights and walked around the room face timing his family when I was trying to sleep. i also hoped to pay only one night or 2 max however was unable to get a refund despite checking out.

Rating: 32

The room eas very noisy at night because of the bar downstairs.

Rating: 76

Breakfast is not enough for everybody. If get up late you only can have your coffee or tea only. Overall this place is not too bad.

Rating: 72

A (small) sidetable next to the bed is more convenient and one or two more hooks to hang the clothes on could be better. For the rest perfect

Rating: 92

Wonderful. Great staff and location.

Rating: 100

The only problem is the terrible Internet. He worked only on the first floor. What I learned by accident only on the last day. If not for this, everything would be wonderful.

Rating: 68

Everything was really good. I was happy with the stay. The only comment is that the terrace, which was supposed to be closed at 10 PM and is right next to the room´s windows, usually closed past 1 AM (with lots of people and noise). It made sleeping not that easy. I recommend the staff to pay closer attention to that.

Rating: 80

I was on the chamber 305 and one or the windows could not been closed it was Broken. Please check it for a better expérience... it was a Little cold in the room. Thank you

Rating: 84

Hi, the rain makes a lot of noise when it falls on the plexiglass roof. The terrace is nice with the supermarket across the street. It smells the new paint when I arrived, and the toilet paper is smashed when one pulls it...

Rating: 72

The people who work there is great!

Rating: 92

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