I really like your hostel! It has a great location, is close to the métro (which makes it super easy to get into the city center) and the staff is just amazing. There are some little things though, that could be improved: - The knives in the kitchen could be sharpened once in a while so that they can actually be used for cutting. - Lids for the pots would be great. - The fridge should be looked through regulary to throw out things and make space for other people's food. The fridge is already really small but I had the feeling that things in the back could have been there for quite some time and it was kind of hard to store food ... - It'd be great to have a shelf in the kitchen to store things that don't go into the fridge. I know that there is the small kind of shelf, but that one is also labelled "Free Food" so I didn't want to store bread, pasta etc. there while still being in the hostel. - Talking about "Free Food" areas - it'd be cool to also have a part in the fridge that is labelled as "free food". I'd be very happy if some of these things can be used as an inspiration 🙂 But even without sharp knives and space in the fridge - the hostel made me feel like home and I'm looking forward to come back <3 Kind Regards

Rating: 90

At first, it’s hard to find. You will be confused. But the place, the people and the staffs were all amazing. Very clean room. It was neat and well taken cared off. If ever i will be back in france, this place is my number one choice. Thank you village. Hope to see you soon. Again.

Rating: 100

Had a lovely stay here. The staff is very friendly and helpful, the rooms and facilities were clean, and the location was excellent!

Rating: 100

Front Desk attendants were very friendly, knowledgeable, and attentive. Will definitely recommend to friends traveling in the area. Great prices and great rooms! Absolutely loved our stay here!

Rating: 100

Other than the broken lock on the door of 301 it was great. Because the door wouldn’t open the cleaners could replace the toilet tissue so we ran out often and had to look for more.

Rating: 88

Bed lights and baggage/suitcases lockers needed as this will help those travelling around for a longer time. Excellent location and very helpful staff.

Rating: 80

Everything was great! The only suggestion I would make would be to have a better kitchen with larger refrigerators. Great hostel. Perfect location. Loved my stay!

Rating: 96

Olvide un cargador sobre mi cama, era un case, si lo encuentran pues que aproveche 🙂

Rating: 92

Hostel could arrange more socials, nights out so there's more interaction between guests.

Rating: 92

Valentin (Sorry if I spelled that wrong) was so friendly and helpful. This hostel was extremely clean and is probably the best hostel you’ll find.

Rating: 100

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