i recommand

Rating: 92

Très bien. Équipe sympathique. Au pied de Montmartre.

Rating: 88

My first experience of staying in a hostel and definitely not the last one. The staff was very helpful and rooms were nice. Everyone who I hqve met during my stay was super friendly and there was no evening I wouldn't find someone to grab a beer with!

Rating: 100

Excellent hostel I will recommend it

Rating: 100

The breakfast is too expensive and it´s not the greatest. The atmosphere is poor as they allow entire families with kids and older (passed their 40s) people stay there, so it´s not the greatest atmosphere. The frontdesk guys and girls make up for everything, they are very kind and cool and they make you feel very welcome.

Rating: 76

The staff were very friendly and the patio and facilities were well kept. This was a great place and we had a great experience. It was unfortunate that the area is very dangerous at night, but no one had told us until after we were attacked and robbed 100 m from our hostel.

Rating: 84

The toilet leaked so every time you went to the bathroom you got wet feet. It also always smelled really bad! None of the bunk beds had outlets by you so you couldn't charge your phone. Everything else was nice enough and the staff were really nice except for one.

Rating: 56

Actually, my opinion about fun can´t be considered, I just went to sleep, I didn´t pay attention to the fun part. Other than that I was surprised with the location and rooms as well, I was expecting something more "poor" and messy. But I really liked it, I might come back.

Rating: 84

It is a lot of noise from both the traffic and your own pub. Hard to sleep there for lightsleepers. Not even a towel on the bathroom is not good enough. Otherwise it was fine.

Rating: 72

The bunk beds are not comfortable.

Rating: 85

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