Our room was very cold - so next time we would prefer a heater in the room 🙂

評分: 88

Victoria fransisco raphael all were awesome and highly recommend staying here. the best hostel in paris by far. st christofer can eat a d!ck. this is an awesome place

評分: 100

Sería adecuado agregar mas tomacorrientes para cargar los celulares en la habitaciones

評分: 92

The card key wasn't working properly. I had to return several times to the reception to fix this. There was no hand soap in the bathroom at the room and also no information about the breakfast was given prior the check out morning. This info should be on the website or in print somewhere visible in the reception because if the staff forgets to mention this then the people might not have the chance to take breakfast if they want. Also I think even if you have to book your breakfast the day before, few more extra breakfast rations should be prepared just in case and this is easy because the offered breakfast is very basic. Thank you for your time.

評分: 76

Une petite couverture de plus serait la bienvenue

評分: 85

Staff stole my property, manager is horrible, they also cheated me out of a nights stay. Horrible people DO NOT GO HERE

評分: 56

The cabin of bathromm is too small

評分: 96

The manager of this location was extremely rude and lied to me about my reservation. I had an issue with my reservation that she agreed to help me resolve, but then would not let me stay for the full time I had already paid for and been charged for. When I tried to resolve this issue with her, the manager raised her voice to me and told me to leave. I will never stay here again, they are completely rude and unprofessional people. Very BAD experience in this hostel.

評分: 20

I loved the location in Monmarte and EVERYONE that worked there was SO helpful and could speak every language. Amazing! I had no problems dropping off my bag early and exploring the city before check in and I enjoyed the use of the computer because I am old school. It was nice having a grocery store and a yummy patisserie so close!

評分: 100

Lastima el ruido, la puerta del pasillo no paro de sonar portazos en toda la noche.

評分: 80

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